The Ecological Genomics Team

Zhong Cai MA

Master's student

18878841932 [at] 163 [dot]com

I obtained my Bachelor's degree in Environmental Science from the Hulunbuir College (Inner Mongolia, China) in 2017. During my undergraduate studies, I studied the effects of land use on the Stipa baicalensis dominated meadow steppe community in Hulunbuir, Inner Mongolia, China under the supervision of Prof. Wuren. This study investigated changes in plant community dynamics, to determine more sustainable methods for the utilisation of grasslands. My involvement in this project helped me to develop a better understanding of grassland communities and ecology in general.

Currently, as a Master's student in ecology at the College of Forestry of Guangxi University, I have developed a great interest in learning more about another ecosystem, mangroves. My research goal is to explore the cold tolerance of different mangrove species at varying low water and air temperatures, and the influence contrasting water versus air temperatures has on the distribution of different mangrove species. I plan to utilise a combination of ecophysiological and molecular methods to achieve this goal.