The Ecological Genomics Team

Wen Ji LUO

Research assistant


I hold both a Bachelor's degree in Agricultural Resources and Environment and a Master's degree in Landscape Architecture from Guangxi University. Previous to joining the Ecological Genomics group at Guangxi University I worked in the Rice Section of the Agricultural Research Institute of Hezhou City in Guangxi, China, and was responsible for the testing, screening, and display of Guangxi's new regional rice varieties. Additional projects that I participated in included the introduction of new varieties of mulberry; and the demonstration, promotion and selection of a new combination of two-line super rice with sensitive rice in South China. I also worked in the Flower Institute of the Guangxi Academy of Agricultural Sciences, where I was responsible for the planting,culture,observation and pollination of Paphiopedilum sp., and the preparation of progress reports about the growth of the cultured Paphiopedilum sp.

As a Master's student at Guangxi University I studied the interactive effect of light and nitrogen on the growth and physiology of Horsfieldia hainanensis Merr. seedlings. This work addressed three research issues: (1) the physiological effect of various levels of light and nitrogen on the photosynthetic characteristics, and chlorophyll fluorescence parameters of Horsfieldia hainanensis seedlings, (2) the correlation between growth and physiological indicators, and (3) the optimal light nitrogen conditions suitable for the growth of Horsfieldia hainanensis seedlings.